🔝 5 JavaScript Tools for Financial Data Visualization

Leading data visualization tools to convey complex information

Mikhail Raevskiy
5 min readDec 11, 2020


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A person perceives 90% of information through sight. Clear visualization makes it easier to convey complex information. And what could be more confusing and more complicated than the stock and securities market?

Trading platforms, market forecasting agencies create tons of web-based tools for traders and analysts to interact with datasets. Technical progress is their unconditional assistant. Financial data can be visualized in various ways depending on the purpose. Let’s look at the outstanding JavaScript tools in data visualization capabilities.

1️⃣ Highcharts

Source: Highcharts

It can be considered as one of the leaders in the field because it offers several dozen components for visualizing all kinds of data. With this library, it is easy to add interactive, animated graphics, and various types of diagrams to a website or web application. The charts of stock markets with detailed navigation and technical indicators deserve special attention. The library is not very convenient when working from databases because you need to write scripts yourself. Among its advantages, undoubtedly, it stands out lightness and simplicity in study and settings. The library is free for non-commercial use, or if you are interested in commercial use, the price is $80 per site and $360 for unlimited usage.

2️⃣ ApexCharts

Source: ApexCharts

ApexCharts provides light and elegant elements for financial information visualization, where design and style are at the forefront. The library allows you to deeply customize the appearance of widgets, display…



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