set of Google AI neural networks for teaching robots to move deformable objects
An example of a trained Transporter Network policy in action on the bag-items-1 task. Source: arxiv

About the problem


How to use Python and Dash library to create, style, and host an interactive data analysis web application.

📊Python & Dash📊: Guide to Better Data Visualization

Leading data visualization tools to convey complex information

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CompressAI is an open-source library and platform for evaluating data compression models

Figure 2: Traditional and learned image codecs compared on the Kodek dataset. Source: Github

More about the library

  • Custom operations, layers, and neural network models for data compression;
  • Part of the…


Detailed comparison of Python and R languages for use in Data Science

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How do the hearts of deep fakes beat? A new approach for deep fake detection via interpreting residuals with biological signals

PPG Cells. Example frames per ω = 64 windows (top), and their PPG cells (bottom) consisting of raw PPG and PPG PSD, of a real video (left) and its deep fakes per generative model (rest). Source: Arxiv


Productivity is about doing less, rather than doing more.

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Mikhail Raevskiy

Bioinformatician at Oncobox Inc. (@oncobox). Research Associate at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (@mipt_eng).

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