Find a Perfect Online Course and Complete It — 5 Helpful Tips

Give the course two weeks — during this time you will understand how it suits you

In early September, many of us are faced with an inexplicable desire to start learning something new. Perhaps it’s all about the pleasant autumn atmosphere or a habit leftover from school and university. Fortunately, continuous free education is now available to almost everyone — there are thousands of courses on the Internet on any topic that will interest or help you. Retell material The New York Times about how and where to look for the appropriate online courses and, ideally, still bring the follow-through.

Make a plan

First ask yourself what you want to learn and what it will give you. Are you dreaming of a career change or learning useful skills? Or is it all you need to distract yourself with something useful during turbulent times? By making your goal clear, you can stay motivated for a long time.

If you suddenly want to know what is taught at Harvard, try the popular course “Justice”. Lecturer Courtenay Paradise of the University of California will tell you about the relationship between science, religion and magic. If you’ve always wanted to try meditation, but did not want to go into the esoteric aspects of the practice, then Chris Goto-Jones of the University of Leiden teach you awareness and in detail tell about its nuances. The main thing is to clearly state your goal.

Explore the offer

Choose what you really like. Online education allows you to attend lectures by teachers from the best universities in the world. Now there are many platforms where you will find courses both in Russian and in other languages. Among the most popular: Coursera , EDX , Khan Academy , « Open Education “, Stepik , FutureLearn , « Open University .” Massachusetts Institute of Technology often publishes its best courses on OpenCourseWare… When choosing a course, pay attention to the following points:

  • video introduction and training plan;
  • what experience is needed to successfully complete the course — if the description mentions the importance of knowing the basics of linear algebra, do not neglect it;
  • don’t judge the course by the quality of the video — it’s better to read the reviews of those who have already taken it;
  • do not be afraid to take risks — even if the topic seems difficult to you, try to figure it out, do not choose only those courses that seem simple to you.

Pay attention to our heading “ Course of the Day “ — this is where we talk about the most interesting options that we have found recently.

Determine how much time you are willing to spend

Some online courses are time-bound — you need to keep an eye on this. When you plan how many hours you are ready to spend, look at the basic materials — how many videos, text, and exercises you need to master in a week. Allocate a specific time for an online course — think of it like working or studying at a university.

Do not neglect writing abstracts — they will help you better remember and assimilate information. If you do not have much time, but the desire to learn is still there, try to find something interesting on the page Coursera short online courses.

Learn practical things

Ancient philosophy and the history of cinema are certainly very interesting. Applied skills, such as cooking and renovation, are equally important. Simple explanations can often be found on YouTube — for example, the host of the channel Dad, How Do I? talks about useful life hacks around the house that parents usually teach us.

Give the course two weeks

Coursera-enthusiast Feynman Liang (Feynman Liang) notes that at first lecture may seem simple. Try to estimate in two weeks how much you are willing to invest time in this study. If you feel strong rejection, then calmly quit and try something new. When you have not been able to complete any course for a long time, return to the first point — you may have difficulty setting a clear goal.

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