Top 10 Webinar Tools You Should Consider for Your Business

On which platform will it be possible to hold an interesting webinar with comfort and without technical force majeure? Today everyone has heard of the Zoom platform, many people know about Skype, but the real choice is much wider. In this article, you will learn the features of ten sites for hosting webinars. The reading will take a few minutes. The information is presented briefly, everything is essentially nothing superfluous. You will learn the features of different services and quickly decide on the choice of a platform for the upcoming event.


A powerful platform with a clear and user-friendly design. Probably the largest selection of additional tools on the market: interactive whiteboard, customizable invitations, reception with the program, tests and polls, presentation mode, simultaneous chat translation, and much more. It is convenient to buy the necessary functions separately, as needed.

The free period lasts 30 days, events for up to 25 participants are available. There are paid packages for 25–500 participants, two presenters, and four video streams.

If necessary, the number of participants grows to 5000 people. The interface is in Russian, the work is available in conference and webinar mode, there are a mobile application and even the ability to accept payments from participants through PayPal.

Zoom meeting

A well-known platform with advanced features. In the viewing mode, the broadcast is available for 10,000 participants. Before the start of the event, you can call your mobile and remind you about the start of the video conference.

The site offers a free rate for webinars for up to 100 participants with a recording limit of up to 40 minutes. There is inexpensive rates for one presenter, as well as an unlimited recording time package for 200 participants.

Zoom Meeting leaves the opportunity for customers to increase the number of participants to the desired volume. The only inconvenience for Russian-speaking users may be the English interface.

Additional benefits include Google Calendar and Outlook integration, member grouping, YouTube and Facebook streaming, and downloadable automated webinar transcriptions.

Adobe connect

This site has everything you need to work with external applications. The slightly outdated design is fully compensated for by the high technical level of webinars and training services.

The free period lasts 30 days and is designed for events with up to 25 participants. Then there are paid tariffs for 25 and 1000 participants.

The interface is in English, it is possible to create several chats, take notes, and divide the participants into groups.


The site stands out for a wide range of tools for working with invitations and mailings. There is integration with the most popular services and many useful additional functions.

The free package includes 20-minute webinars for up to 10 participants. On a paid basis, the audience can be expanded to 100 or 1000 participants. Plus there will be six video streams available with no recording time limit.

Livestorm with an English-language interface has tools for creating landing pages, automatic messaging, and training webinars for working with the site.


This site operates on an all-inclusive basis. All functions are available in any tariff plan, and the cost of services depends only on the number of participants.

The free rate is for two hosts and events for up to 20 participants. Recording time 20 minutes. On a paid basis, you can invite up to 5000 participants to the webinar.

In addition to the Russified interface, there is also Russian-language support. The system of sending reminders and invitations works, there is integration with Google Analytics, reports come after the webinars.

MyOwnConference works in a mobile-friendly format, no additional software installation is required.


The main difference between this platform is the lack of information on the prices of services on the site. To find out the number, you will need to contact technical support and tell which account you need for your webinar.

If you understand the peculiarities of the work of not the simplest control panel, there should be no difficulties with everything else.

The interface is in English, there is a free test period, tools for attracting participants, and mailing.


The platform with an English-language interface is designed for conducting training webinars. There are three standard tariff plans, but the final price depends on the number of participants.

Free period for 30 days, but you will need to enter your credit card details. On a paid basis, the audience grows to 1000 people.

If necessary, it is possible to accept payment from participants and download a detailed report on the event. Support for working with YouTube and audio delay technology is provided.


There are no restrictions on the number of participants on this service at all. A standard service package is bought for 12 months, but it is possible to transfer payment in several installments throughout the year. The site also offers customers to buy reports and books, but many of the materials are available for free by subscription.

Test period 60 days for $ 1. There are up to six presenters in one room, there are 100 ready-made slide layouts for presentations, simultaneous broadcasting to several social networks is available, the interface is English.


The service is designed for small video conferencing. To get started, install the application on a smartphone or computer. There is a free trial period for 30 days with webinars for up to 25 participants. On a paid basis, the audience grows to 250 people.

The interface is in English, there is a convenient chat, tools for launching a landing page, as well as automatic transcription of the speaker’s speech.

Skype for Business

The well-known program has an application for business negotiations. There is no free version. But there is a Russian-language interface and even a voice call translator. Up to 250 people can be invited to one event.

Integration with Office 365 is provided, and the tool itself is considered more suitable for corporate meetings than for classic webinars.

Do you think this list is incomplete? Tell us about your favorite webinar site in the comments or share important features of the platforms already mentioned.

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Bioinformatician at Oncobox Inc. (@oncobox). Research Associate at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (@mipt_eng).

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