Top 12 Ways to Make Money for Programmer

Everyone knows that programmers have high salaries. But regular work in a company is just one of the sources with which you can earn money from programming. This article will discuss other methods.

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📶 Freelance

Freelancing is not the easiest way to start making big money. Building a quality portfolio will help you get started and get the first reviews. Large job exchanges like UpWork are highly competitive — it can even be useful to do several jobs for a small amount, just to get a rating and accelerate career growth. But don’t limit yourself to one freelance marketplace. Grow your audience, use communication skills and knowledge of a foreign language.

Even if you have a full-time job, it is worth giving it a try. Additional experience will not hurt, and the client base will gradually grow. You can start with our publications:

👔 Office work — why not?

Of course, working full-time in the office has its drawbacks. For example, binding to a place and working on a schedule. But at the same time, it is one of the most stable and paid activities. Confirmation is easy to find in our Jobs section. Many companies are ready to work partially or entirely remotely — it doesn’t matter where the developer is with the laptop if there is a result.

To have a well-paying permanent job, we must be able to present themselves and show experience. If you are just starting your journey, the experience can also be gained as an intern or by participating in Open Source projects.

We write about various strategies for passing interviews and work experience in companies in posts with the tag Employment :

🌐 Sell plugins for WordPress and other engines

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There are many marketplaces where you can list your plugin code for sale without worrying about additional marketing. In the international market, the most famous sites of the Australian platform Envato:

  • Themeforest — stock of themes and templates for WordPress and other engines.
  • CodeCanyon — a sink of the program code of scripts for sites.


  1. High platform commission.
  2. In project acceptance, the design is most important.
  3. It is possible to receive refusals from moderators for a long time without any explanation.

▶ ️🎙️ Start a YouTube channel, podcast

YouTube is the television of our time, where everyone can create their channel. For starters, just a smartphone or laptop webcam. You can make screencasts of the code, keep a video blog about new products in the IT world, create playlists-courses. The closest format can be seen in our selections of YouTube channels on various topics:

When your channel becomes popular, link the Sponsorship feature or invite viewers to subscribe to the Patreon channel, where they will be able to access the video earlier than on YouTube.

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If you love to chat but don’t like filming yourself or get tired of editing videos, start a podcast. It doesn’t take as much free time as it does for filming videos — some manage to record podcasts on the way to work. Naturally, podcasts are not the fastest way to make money, but you can get an audience for other projects and be known as an expert in your field.

📱Create an application

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In the case of apps, there are many different ways to monetize other than selling directly from an offer store. The app itself might be free, but it might show ads and provide a paid subscription that opens access to new elements or hides ads.

But remember that the customer will only pay if the application is useful. So do not waste time in vain — before thinking about the nuances of architecture, build a prototype, and measure the interest of potential users:

🎓 Prepare a training course

If you have valuable knowledge from a popular field or topic that has not yet filled the Internet, develop a curriculum. To make quality content, you need to know the issue you are talking about well. It will take time, but it’s worth it.

To sell the course, you can use your website or an educational marketplace platform, which will take care of marketing and promoting your product. The platform will receive a percentage of the income, but you can teach without worrying about anything.

📝 Keep a blog

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Blogs have long gained popularity and are unlikely to lose it soon, especially in the field of information technology. After all, the program code is also text, like what you are reading now.

Blogging as a way to make money will make an effort to build your first audience. If you plan on making money from advertising alone, you will need a considerable number of visitors. Instead of merely displaying ads, you can tie other earning methods to your blogs, such as sponsored posts and affiliate programs. M You can write and in other people’s blogs and websites — some pay for guest posts, original articles, and translations. This is not always advertised, but nothing is stopping you from asking.


We pay regular contributors to quality publications. You can also try — in the top panel, by the sign, +you can write a post and send it to us. If the material corresponds to the subject of the site, we will take it to work, correct the grammar and style. Or we will reject it with an explanation if something is wrong. If we have published your material and you are ready to write articles regularly, please contact us and become a part of the Programmer's Library team. You have already passed the test task by preparing a good article.

📕 Write a book

By developing your blog or course, you will understand what information your subscribers are especially missing — you can summarize your knowledge in the form of a book. You can promote this book on the same blog, YouTube channel, or course. Nowadays, you don’t need to think about publishing a paper book — everything can be done electronically. A suitable resource for publishing books on programming is LeanPub .

🎮 Develop a game

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In posts tagged with GameDev, we regularly highlight useful game development tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. Game development is a profitable business that doesn’t require a large development team to get into. For example, you can create a mobile micropayment mini-game, publish a retro game made with PICO-8, or use one of our guides:

🐞 Look for bugs

Some people think that looking for bugs is for cool hackers. Knowledge of programming languages ​​will help in this matter, but you can start even without them. Learn about the OWASP TOP 10 and common web application security issues. Finding some of them will pay you well. An inspirational start will be provided by our article How to get $ 15,600 from Google for bugs found.

🤼 Participate in competitions and hackathons

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In the Events section, we regularly publish events with prize money. All you need is solid skills, creative thinking, and proper motivation — you will inevitably have to lose.

In the process of participating in the competition, the number of your IT- friends and acquaintances will increase dramatically; recruiters will pay attention to you. One of the big benefits is the ability to build a powerful portfolio and look your best in the eyes of companies. If you take the place of honor, you will not only earn money but also become a “rock star” — it will be easier to negotiate salaries during interviews.

👨‍🏫️ Take up mentoring

Personal coaching works not only in the fitness industry, psychology, personal growth, and business. If you are an expert on your topic, you can find many people looking to accelerate their careers in the IT industry. You can offer to mentor, help become a programmer, and get your first job. Finding multiple students can be a great part-time job. This approach will also help you make new friends and have fun making someone’s life better.


Congratulations! Now you know how to make your skills more profitable. As you may have noticed, many of the methods described work better in conjunction: materials from a blog are easier to process into a book than it is to write from scratch, and the most motivated students of your courses or listeners of the podcast will be interested in personal mentoring. In any case, all efforts will go to the benefit of your reputation and career.

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Bioinformatician at Oncobox Inc. (@oncobox). Research Associate at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (@mipt_eng).

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