What a Middle Developer Should Know?

What should a middle developer know? This question is relevant both for those who are applying for a middle vacancy and for those who are looking towards promotion.

⚙ Hard skills

1️⃣ What is your level of proficiency in the programming language and related tools?

2️⃣ What projects have you participated in? How many of them were driven by themselves?

3️⃣ What is your database skill?

4️⃣ Tell us about your level of proficiency in the chosen IDE

5️⃣ Other technical skills

6️⃣ What development methodologies do you know? Which of them did you work on?

7️⃣What else a middle developer should know?

🤝 Soft skills

1️⃣ How sociable are you?

2️⃣ Your teamwork skills

3️⃣ Do you know how to resolve conflicts?

4️⃣ What is your level of English?

5️⃣ Are you able to communicate your ideas in an accessible way, to convince them of their correctness?

6️⃣ Can you be described as an attentive person?

7️⃣ Can you estimate the time to complete the task?

8️⃣ Are you planning to grow to Senior or Team Lead?


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Bioinformatician at Oncobox Inc. (@oncobox). Research Associate at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (@mipt_eng).

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