Where to Study as a Programmer — Top 12 Online Courses

My selection of 12 online courses for programmers— collected paid and free courses for beginners and advanced developers in English.

1. Codecademy

The company is convinced that it is necessary to change the current education system, which was stuck somewhere in the 19th century. The site contains step-by-step online lessons with the ability to work directly in the browser.

  • Website: .
  • Level: for beginners.
  • Cost: free.
  • Teaching: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP.

2. Codeavengers

Codeavengers is a resource for learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript especially for those who like to keep learning interesting. At the end of each lesson, you are encouraged to play a small game to consolidate the material. In total, the site contains two types of courses (HTML + CSS and JavaScript), each of which is divided into three levels. The first level is free, the cost of the rest is $29–39.

  • Website: .
  • Level: for beginners.
  • Cost: $ 0–39, all six courses cost $ 129.
  • What they teach: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

3. Code School

The project, created by Envy Labs, uses training with built-in gamification (use of badges, secret videos) and presents courses from web design to programming. At the moment, the site contains courses such as Core iOS 7, Try Ruby, Assembling SasS.

  • Website: .
  • Level: intermediate, advanced.
  • Cost: $ 25 per month, $ 220 per year.
  • Teaching: HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS.

4. Coursera

Created in 2012 by professors at Stanford University, the platform is one of the most popular in online education. The courses are free, but for some of them, there is a paid option to obtain a confirmation certificate. The cost of certificates differs depending on the course chosen, but the average price is about $50.

At the time of this writing, the site offers courses such as Programming for All (Python) from the University of Michigan, Developer Skills to Start a New Company from Scratch from Stanford University, and Programming Cloud Services for Android Smartphones from Vanderbilt University.

  • Website: .
  • Language: Russian, English, other languages.
  • Level: intermediate, advanced.
  • Cost: free, paid (for a certificate, on average, $ 50).
  • What they teach: a broad variety of subject from Computer Science to Evolutional Biology

5. Udacity

A private educational organization that emerged from the computer science program at Stanford University, created with the aim of democratizing education, appeared in 2012. Today, more than forty courses are available for different levels of training. Certain courses may be followed by an exam at Pearson VUE centers for a fee.

The site offers courses such as “ Introduction to Java Programming “, “ Introduction to Parallel Programming “, “ Mobile Web Development “.

  • Website:
  • Level: beginner to advanced.
  • Cost: $ 0–150.
  • What they teach: depends on the course.

6. Treehouse

Founded in 2011 by Ryan Carson, the service formulates its mission as “Affordable technical education for people around the world to help them fulfill their dreams and change the world.” The site already has over 40 thousand active members who can choose from various courses in web design, iOS, Android. One of the distinguishing features of the service is that it was created by experienced teachers, and this is reflected in the quality of the course presentation. The service also provides a forum for communication between members and assistance in further employment.

  • Website: .
  • Level: beginner to advanced.
  • Cost: $ 25 (basic) or $ 49 (pro).
  • Teaching: HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, WordPress, iOS, Android, and so on.

7. Learnable

A project by the Australian company SitePoint to gain programming skills. The site supports communication between teachers and students, allowing you to actively communicate and subscribe to the desired topic via email and RSS. Access to the books and other educational materials downloaded during the course remains even after its completion.

  • Website:
  • English language.
  • Level: beginner to advanced.
  • Cost: $ 29 per month, $ 149 per year.
  • Teaching: JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Node.js, Photoshop, WordPress, Ruby, iOS, Android, and more.

8. Frontend Masters

Resource for professional web developers. The site features over 20 courses, such as Advanced JavaScript , CSS2 In-Depth . The main audience is professional web developers with 1–3 years of experience. The course narrative is academic, with emphasis on theory, history and best practices.

  • Website: .
  • Level: intermediate and advanced.
  • Cost: $ 39 per month, $ 299 per year.
  • Teaching: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS, and more.

9. Udemy

Online learning platform similar to Coursera. The service was mentioned in the New York Times, Forbes, and among the teachers you can find Mark Zuckerberg himself . Today, more than 2 million people study on the site. Courses available include iOS8 and Swift App Programming Crash Course , Kids Coding — Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and Advanced Java Programming .

  • Website:
  • Level: beginner to advanced.
  • Cost: $ 0–599.
  • What they teach: depends on the course.

10. Microsoft Virtual Academy

The site offers over 200 training courses. Courses teach app development for HTML5, Windows and Windows Phone, Microsoft Office 365, SQL Server, Azure, and System Center. The training is free, but requires a Windows Live ID.

11. Tuts +

The site offers courses in a variety of categories, including web development. Lectures are delivered by professionals and the site has a forum where students can share ideas and support each other. Tuts + includes courses such as JavaScript for PHP Developers , Build an Email Application With Ruby , Building JavaScript Web Apps .

  • Website: .
  • Level: from beginner to advanced.
  • Cost: $ 15 per month, $ 180 per year.
  • What they teach: JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, C #, HTML, etc.

12. Lynda

Lynda was founded in 1995, long before its competitors Treehouse and Codeacademy. Teaching is carried out by professionals presenting their own courses. Courses such as Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js , Building an Online Shopping Cart are available on the site.

  • Website:
  • Level: from beginner to advanced.
  • Cost: $ 25 per month ($ 37 premium), $ 250 per year ($ 375 premium).
  • What they teach: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, IOS, Android, Java, C ++.

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