Why You Don’t Attract Important People

Is it possible to make useful connections if you have no experience and no one knows you?

Why You Don’t Attract Important People
Why You Don’t Attract Important People
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How can attract the attention of that person on LinkedIn?

Why should he or she be interested in communication and partnership with me?

The answer to my questions was the so-called Benjamin Franklin effect.

However, the Benjamin Franklin effect and subsequent empirical studies suggest that this is not the case with unfamiliar people. Such people begin to feel sympathy for us only when they themselves do us some kind of favor.

After that, they are ready to provide us with other services. Franklin concluded that if he needed to win someone over, he should ask that person for a favor. And so he did.

Helping others is one of the essential elements of maturity, so twenty-year-old boys and girls, turning to unfamiliar people for help, give them the opportunity to do a good deed and experience pleasure from it — if only what they are asked for is not beyond reason.

Let’s discuss this point.

The fastest way to something new is one phone call, one email, one package of books, one service, one 30th birthday party.

Once I found an interesting prediction in a cookie: “A wise man creates his own destiny.” Perhaps the best thing we can do for our own destiny in our twenties is to say yes to our weak ties or give them a reason to say yes to us. Research shows that in adulthood, people become less social due to careers and family life keeping them busy. That is why, even if we often change jobs, move from place to place, live with different people and spend a lot of time at parties, this is the best time to make useful connections, and not only with those who also say that they have a bad job or that there are no good people left in the world, but also with those who perceive everything a little differently. Weak ties are contacts with those people

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